CEO Message

Hiroto Saikawa
President and Chief Executive Officer

To achieve Nissan’s corporate vision of “enriching people’s lives,” we are committed to delivering unique and innovative vehicles and mobility services with value that is recognized by our customers.

The environment surrounding the automobile is undergoing rapid changes driven by technological innovation. Nissan is actively working on innovation by bringing ingenuity into the areas of vehicle engineering, development, and production, as well as into sales and services, and we will further accelerate these efforts.

“The power comes from inside.” This phrase embodies the efforts of all Nissan employees. I strongly believe that corporate growth cannot be achieved without highly-motivated and ambitious employees. We will continue to harness the power that’s inside Nissan to realize and provide solutions that our customers will want and value. To create the value that customers expect, through the Alliance, Nissan employees of Japan and from all around the world are working together with Renault, and our newest partner, Mitsubishi Motors.

Nissan is a Japanese company with a long history. At the same time, we are a global company with great diversity. Nissan also boasts advanced technologies, a robust financial base, and a global business network, as well as top-quality talent with high morale in Japan and overseas. We will utilize these assets to further drive the evolution in the industry.

Please continue to expect Nissan’s growth today and into the future. I would like to thank all of you for the warm and continued support.

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