What is covered? >>
Nissan warrants that for a designated period of time or specific mileage, your Nissan service centre will repair or replace any part on the vehicle which proves defective in materials or workmanship free of charge, except for those items listed "WHAT IS NOT COVERED".

The warranty period begins on the date the vehicle is delivered to the first retail buyer or put into use, whichever is earlier

What is not covered? >>
  • Tires are covered by a separate warranty.
  • Any non-genuine accessories or equipment installed outside of Nissan’s works.
  • Any parts or labor costs incurred in connection with required or recommended maintenance service as outlined in your Warranty Information & Owner’s Maintenance Booklet.
  • Normal maintenance service such as wheel balancing and alignment, engine tune-up, headlight aiming, replacement of light bulbs, spark plugs, distributor contact points, drive belts, clutch disc, brake shoes and pads, filters, wiper blades, lubricants and coolant.
  • Damage or failures resulting from normal deterioration of trim, paint or other appearance items.
  • Any vehicle on which the odometer reading has been changed so that mileage cannot be readily determined.
  • Incidental or consequential damages such as loss of use of the vehicle, inconvenience or commercial loss.

New Vehicle Warranty >>
The period for the New Vehicle Warranty is 36 months or 100,000km (60,000 miles), come first.

The New Vehicle Warranty covers all parts and components of each new Nissan vehicle supplied by Nissan except for tires and those items listed under "WHAT IS NOT COVERED".

As for the battery, adjustment and air conditioner refrigerant recharge, the warranty period is separate clause under New Vehicle Warranty.

What You Must Do >>
  • Properly use, maintain and care for your vehicle as outlined in your Warranty Information & Owner's Maintenance Booklet.
  • Take the vehicle to Nissan service centre place of business during regular business hours for maintenance and service at your expense in order to obtain warranty service.
  • Check the trim, paint and other appearance defects at the time the new vehicle is delivered and report the same to your selling dealer without delay.
  • Retain maintenance service records in the event a question should arise concerning the vehicle’s maintenance.

What We Will Do >>
Warranty repairs will be made at no charge for parts and/or labor. Any needed parts replacement will be made using new or authorized remanufactured parts by your Nissan service centre. A reasonable time to complete the repairs must be allowed after the vehicle is delivered to the service centre.

Service Parts and Accessories Warranty >>
  • All NISSAN genuine parts installed are covered free of charge for 12 months or 20,000KM (whichever comes first) from the service date subject to the terms and conditions of our warranty policy
  • For further queries, please contact our Service Centres.